'The power of a stage director is measured by his ability to make others powerful.'
Pecheurs de PerlesThis is the stuff that dreams are made of
День - November 8, 2017

"Les Pêcheurs de Perles" conquers Kharkov with the premiere at the Opera and Ballet Theater. (...)
This new production exceeds all expectations.
The creators of "Les Pêcheurs de Perles" created a spectacle of unknown quality by working in such a way that soloists learned to trust their own humanity. New methods of acting were taught and a soft and lyrical sound was developed.
The creators of sets, costumes and choreography also sought an unrivalled authenticity with maximum effect as a result.
That is why the Kharkov version has a European flavour: refined, modern, but without the artificial humbug that is so often en vouge nowaday.

"Pearl-Fishers" on top of the vocal Olympus.
Wremja - November 15, 2017

This "Pearl-Fishers” reaches the level of emotional and philosophical understanding of text and music. Gone are the times when opera artists only demonstrate their vocal-abilities performances on stage. In this opera there were not only vocalists but bright personalities who were impressively able to show the internal dramatic conflicts and the emotional state of the characters.
I think this "Pearl Fishers” is a unique achievement and it proves that it’s creators understood that the quality of all components is inherent in this type of art.

resume marc krone

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Musical Director Jeroen Weierink
Stage Director Marc Krone
Set Karel Spanhak
Costumes Marrit van der Burgt
Choreography André de Jong
Leïla Yulia Anotonava
Nadir Maxime Borocheck
Zurga Mikita Marynchak / Vladimir Efimenko
Nurabad Yuriy Kudryavtsev

The Choir of The Kharkiv State Theatre for Opera and Ballet

Christina Amanskaya, Katja Baranova, Svitlana Melenyk, Zoja Chikalova, Anoushka Kalayan, Olga Sergei, Ksucha Palechina, Olga Balabanova, Irina Pipovarenko, Sergei Rogov, Roman Tkachenko, Alexander Aspidov, Nicolai Pavlenko, Alexander Khibnik, Sergei Ryzhenko, Alexander Sergijeni, Gergei Nevalonnenji, AlexanderZachartuk, Alexander Gorbatov, Alexei Mavtchan, Dennis Gamalgi, Roman Jaleputa, Jegor Owilko
Nikolay Dzhura, Mariya Bozhko, Jenya Grechanyi, Anna Chechyna, Lena Leontieva, Egor Shaposhnikov
Ukraïne and The Netherlands 2017-2018