'You want to be young again? Don’t buy beauty-products: go to the theatre!'
WIE IS LOESJE? (Who is Loesje?)up
Francois van den Anker
Opera Magazine
A humorous, nostalgic and romantic story with well-known songs from the
30s, 40s and 50s.
Wie is Loesje? is set in an old, dilapidated theater. On the eve of the demolition of the building, granddaughter Jenny takes her grandmother, the old Ms Crooswijk, to the place where her grandmother has worked for forty years as a cashier and concierge. Jenny secretly hopes that the byproduct of this visit will be that her grandmother finally reveals the mystery about her grandfather. Together they experience Loes Crooswijk's past while she nostalgically reminisces about national and international artists and the 'good old days', while these mysteriously come to live. A beautiful evening with a surprising end, because... who was Jenny's grandfather? "A story that deals with themes that we also find in Opera: love, fidelity, courage and vitality. And yes, that all translates to light music, thanks to the direction of Marc Krone.
In the world of serious artistic and innovative opera music is Who is Loesje? almost a guilty pleasure. For whoever allows himself that pleasure, there really is no better guild than this"

Iris Boome
Cleeft magazine
It is striking how well the story and the music connect. During the second half of the show, when the more up-tempo songs are sung, even I was tempted to dance in my chair. Lovely!
In short, a really enjoyable show with humor. So for a relaxed evening with a touch of nostalgia Who is Loesje? is a solid recommendation.

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2. Omroep Brabant
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Musical director Bart Rademakers
Text and stage direction Marc Krone
Choreography Barrie Stevens
With Miranda van Kralingen
  Willem de Vries
  Martijn Sanders
  Veerle Sanders
  Rubèn Plantinga
  Annemarijn Maandag / Eva Scheffers
  Mark Luykx
2014 - 2015 Netherlands