'I trust singers: they have big souls and great instincts.'
A production for young audiences of the ballet by Witold Borkowski und Stanislaw Piotrowski and in cooperation with the National Ballet of Charkov, (Ukraine).
Real classical ballet with explanatory and humorous interludes making it a happening for young and old.

Dear boys and girls!
Welcome to the theater.
Today you're going to see a play about Snow White ...
You know... with those seven dwarfs!
But not only that... It's a dance performance.
That means that players don't talk, but portray everything that happens in the story through dance.
And the dance style that you are going to see today is called ‘classical’, and actually all other styles: Jazz, Hip Hop, Street come from that style.
And for all types of dance you have to train a lot to be real good...
Today you will see that for classical dance you have to be very agile, strong, and have lots of stamina and endurance: such difficult passes; such high jumps!
Just imagine that you can't talk on stage and that you have to make clear what the story is about just with movement! That’s ever so difficult!
And therefore... I am here!
I talk, becauseā€¦ I cannot dance!
All during the show I will tell you what you see and what is going to happen!
And what’s really cool: in a real show everything happens life.
So really: it's very exciting.
With lots of music, costumes and dancers...
Have fun!
See you in a minute...
Marc Krone
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Libretto Witold Borkowski en Stanislaw Piotrowski
Choreography Henrik Mayorov
Narrator en Stagedirection Marc Krone
Ballet en orchestra of the National Opera- and Ballettheater Charkov  
Snowwhite Antonina Radievskaya / Karyna Shatkovskaya
The prince Volodymyr Tkachenko
Stepmother-queen Iryna Klyueva
Hunter Edgar Ananian
The seven dwarfs Andriy Apanasko
  Vasily Vasilenko Chihunchik
  Oleksiy Burakov
  Oleksiy Kopyan
  Anton Udalov
  Nazar Durdyev
  Kazymyr Urbati
Worldwide 2012 - 2016