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Der Zigeunerbaron
Operetta as it was intended to be
These are retro times, also in the realm of the operetta. That is why the production of Der Zigeunerbaron (The Gypsy Baron), which will tour the Netherlands the coming weeks, returns to the roots of the genre. And that does not imply the inane stupidity under which operetta has suffered unbearably for decennia, but the mix of cabaret comedy and villainous social criticism.
In the program notes of  Der Zigeunerbaron we finds a tractate by director Marc Krone on the topicality of this operetta, in which he states that it does not merely consists of an 'all well that ends well' story, but that it deals with utterly contemporary affairs: the multicultural society, matters of rank and class, the hunt for status and riches, fixed values and standards, the battle between nouveau riche and the have-nots, war started light-heartedly and scarce real love.
Krone has the ability to present this Zigeunerbaron with the double handle on direction that contemporary opera needs. This leads to a parodical view on the hypocrisy of authorities, while the operetta itself is being presented as an ironical and sometimes wry metaphor. To say nothing of the allusions to other theatrical styles: the gypsies are reminiscent of the poverty musical Les Miserables, love has the aspect of the balcony-scene in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Multi cultural and international as well is the adequate instrumental and vocal cast: choir and orchestra are from the Ukraine, soloists from Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands. (...)

Dick Idema
Steenwijker courant****

Timeless Gypsy Baron.
Marc Krone makes a statement with this production. No modernization, but a timeless setting. Those who came to the Meenthe assuming to find chandeliers and flirty puff sleeves in a quaint late 19th century decor was put on a different track. Without falling into historicizing or superficial comedy Krone showed unadorned human dilemmas. The minimal decor could be literally transformed in an instant. Many young talent on the stage of this Gipsy Baron. Marc Krone has succeeded thanks to smooth choreography and costumes to create a bridge between then and now. A great achievement!

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Dream team makes operetta as it should to be
Last week Artistic duo Peter Cox (Music Director) and Marc Krone (Director) of the International Opera Productions'  Der Zigeunerbaron  presented a convincing and authentic production.
This Zigeunerbaron is strong and successful indeed. Sweeping, and full of nuance in both music and acting. Great drama, intimate moments and seeming lightheartedness thanks to the excellent, for operetta exceptional, stage direction.
All this thanks to the above mentioned duo and the cast, and musical ensemble (an eastern European orchestra with a western sound) ballet and soloists: Barinkay / Schargerl, Czipra / Schneider and Saffi / Rammeloo. Great acting even in the tiniest ensemble-role in the farthest corner.

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Musical director Pieter Cox
Stage director Marc Krone
Set Karel Spanhak
Costumes Marrit van der Burgt
Choreography Thao Nguen
Barinkay Andreas Schargl
Saffi Maartje Rammeloo/Christia Khosrowi
Cipra Rita-Lucia Schneider
Zúpan Bert Simhoffer
Arsena Svea Johnsen
Carnéro Stan Lambregts
Homonay Dieter Goffing
Mirabella Daniella Buijck
Ottokar Rik van de Rijdt
The production premiered 23 december 2009 in Cherkassy (Ukraine) and on 15 january 2010 in Holland .