'I trust singers: they have big souls and great instincts.'
A children’s music production for 6 years +

Mr. Zwoei lives in a workshop filled with flutes. Four puppets are delivered to play these flutes, they come to life in doing so. However, the problem is they don’t play what Mr. Zwoei has in mind, nor can he make them... One day a chest appears in the workshop. How does it open? And, is ‘the thing’ in it the answer to his problems?
The audience joins in. Everyone gets involved. The music provides hilarious moments. Michiel Mensingh wrote music for recorder quartet. It changes from a funk and rap fugue to a sturdy ghetto blaster beat. With Saskia Coolen's compositions the musicians pinch each other’s instruments, and her Vivaldi adaptation provides significance to works that are mostly considered common place.

The press on Brisk

'Trumpeting with an abundance of infectious enjoyment'.
De Telegraaf

'Their relaxed approach creates a charming performance... immaculate musicianship and ensemble playing...'
The Birmingham Post

'...the highest degree of perfection, but above all musical enjoyment...'
De Stentor.
Stage director Marc Krone
Meneer Zwoei Hans Thissen
Brisk Saskia Coolen
  Bert Honig
  Marjan Banis
  Aline Jansen
Nationwide 2011