'I trust singers: they have big souls and great instincts.'
Change starts with a dream…

754: an English bishop travels to the rugged land of the pagan Frisians. He'll bring them the truth. It is meant te be his last mission, but on his trip to the far Friesland he becomes despondent about his own conviction. Different dilemmas rise in rapid succession. He must make choices. The beautiful nun Lioba, the cunning bishop Hildegar and Bonifatius' impulsive student Sturmius make things even more difficult. And so his struggle against the pagan Frisians steadily becomes a struggle with himself. And how can he choose between passion, faith and love?
Bonifatius the Musical is a riveting drama full of intrigue, passion and murder.

Bonifatius de MusicalBonifatius de Musical: recentie nieuwsblad van het noorden Bonifatius de MusicalBonifatius de Musical: recentie nieuwsblad van het noor

Audience reactions:
In one word A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I myself have seen several (Joop van den Ende) musicals but I can honestly say, Bonifatius the Musical is of the very highest level! The atmosphere in and around the chapel is beautiful. All in all a must see!
Doesje Postma. We live near Utrecht and yesterday evening we travelled to Dokkum for the musical Bonifatius. What a wonderful and fantastic musical. In all it's purity, directness and honesty, so grand, great, pure, intimate and overwhelming. Not comparable with Van den Ende production, but in terms of impact just as grand. Compliments to all who have made this happen. Wish you a nationwide
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Script Jasper Verheugd
Stage director Marc Krone
Lightdesign Pascal Naber
Make up Arjan van der Grijn
Multi instrumentalist Hubert Heringa
Bonifatius Richard Spijkers
Druide Syb van der Ploeg
Alrun Lotte Verhoeven / Liss Walravens
Lioba Wieneke Remmers / Maike Boerdam
Tetta/ Willibrord Paul Donkers / Bert Simhoffer
Hildegard Theun Plantinga
Sidonius Milan van Weelden
May-june 2012 and may-june 2014